Couples 101

Welcome to Renewed Hope Couples! My name is Renee D. Brown, MA, I am a therapist in Aurora, Colorado. I have a strong passion for working with couples to help them in their relationships. Welcome to my blog, here you will find article pieces written by me, to give insight on relationships. There will also be things that I find that I will also share. So to begin, why is it so hard to be in a relationship that is healthy? Most couples will come up with a long list of things that are not going well, or that they have complaint about when it comes to the other person in their relationship. However, as a therapist I have found that when couples stop to look at the big picture there are a few simple things lacking in the relationship that would change many aspects of how the dialogue of the relationship goes. Most people are very willing to look towards the other person as the root of the problems, or better yet the reason for their complaints. He/She doesn’t help around the hou
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